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framed videos

FRAMED 1 (text by Maggie Cardelus)

Careers ended up into the void, disappeared black and white faces, forgotten stories. By finding accidentally a collection of pictures of Hollywood actresses from the 20s and the 50s, the artists outlined their lives and careers, often very brief. This video is a collection of scenes, from a static condition of oblivion they come back to being “motion pictures”, for very brief moments but still long enough to sum up a life time, until that faraway moment where those faces will once again be frozen.

FRAMED 2 (text by Maria Anna Potocka)

The work has been produced using the found-footage technique. The artists have juxtaposed fragments from old, romantic, mostly Hollywood films. Then they searched the life stories of the lead actors. It turned out that the male actors went on to have a long, happy and successful life. In contrasts, the female leads quickly came to the end of their professional career, some committed suicide, while others became alcoholic. In a simplistic, but poignant way, this gender work demonstrates the unequal chances and possibilities of both genders in performing a role of a love object.